If an opportunity to win a prize is offered for completing a survey the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. To enter the draw, you must complete an Eligible Survey in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and any terms and conditions provided in your Survey Invitation or in the Survey Introduction.
    1. “Eligible Survey” means a survey which offers a prize draw as a thank you or incentive for participating and where the person completing the survey (the “Respondent”) has met any screening conditions and completed the survey within the timeframe specified.
    2. “Survey Invitation” means an electronic communication inviting an individual to participate in a survey.
    3. “Survey Introduction” means the first page of a survey which describes the project.
  2. Entries that are incomplete, incorrect or illegible will be deemed invalid.
  3. The organisation conducting the survey (the “Survey Conductor”) and Get Smart Limited (“Get Smart”) as it’s agent, in their absolute discretion, reserve the right to verify the validity of all entries and to disqualify any Respondent who submits a survey response that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Failure by the Survey Conductor or Get Smart to enforce any of their rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
  4. The prize is as described in the Survey Invitation or Survey Introduction (“the Prize”).
  5. The Prize must be taken as offered and cannot be redeemed for cash and is neither transferable nor exchangeable, except at the Survey Conductor’s sole discretion.
  6. The winner (or winners) will be randomly drawn by Get Smart from that group of Respondents who have completed an Eligible Survey.  The winner or winners will be notified by email using the address to which the survey was sent or, for surveys completed by straight-to-survey weblinks, using the email address the Respondent has provided while completing the survey. The Survey Conductor will also receive this email so they may get in touch to arrange the delivery of the Prize.
  7. The prize draw will take place on the date specified in the Survey Invitation or in the Survey Introduction. If no date is specified, then the following will apply:
    1. Monthly prize draws are drawn within 10 business days of the end of the relevant month.
    2. Quarterly draws are drawn within 10 business days of the end of the relevant quarter.
  8. If a winner decides not to accept the Prize, the Prize will be forfeited and the Survey Conductor may, in its sole discretion, instruct Get Smart to conduct a further draw from the remaining Respondents.
  9. If the Survey Conductor, having used reasonable efforts, is unable to contact a winner within ten (10) business days following the date on which the Prize is drawn, or a winner is disqualified in accordance with these terms and conditions, then their prize is forfeited.
  10. The Survey Conductor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  11. The prize will be dispatched by the Survey Conductor within 30 calendar days from the date that contact is made with a Prize winner.
  12. For surveys that are completed by a straight-to-survey weblink, Respondents can only enter the prize draw once, regardless of how many times they complete the survey.
  13. Employees of the Survey Conductor and of Get Smart Limited, along with their family members, are not eligible to win any prize draw.
  14. The Survey Conductor’s decisions regarding the prize draw are final, and to the maximum extent possible at law, you as a Respondent agree that the Survey Conductor and Get Smart Limited have excluded all liability in relation to this prize draw.
  15. To the extent permitted by law the Survey Conductor:
    1. excludes all warranties in relation to the quality, suitability or merchantability of a prize;
    2. limits its liability, and that of its employees or agents, for breach of any rights a Respondent may have to the payment of the costs of having the prize supplied again;
    3. will not be liable for any loss (including indirect and consequential loss) or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the prize draw including the supply of goods or services by any person to the prize winner(s), and where applicable to any persons accompanying the prize winner(s).
    4. accepts no responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise from winning the Prize;
    5. indemnifies Get Smart Limited from any claims in relation to the Prize or the prize draw.