Get more light bulb moments with Get Smart’s Customer Experience and Insights Programme

We don’t need to tell you that times have changed.

Get to know your customers again and get your business fit for a new normal.

Use customer feedback to...

Perfect your product/service

Optimise your pricing

Motivate your team and build a customer-centric culture

Differentiate your business

Build a competitive advantage

Create a powerful base of fans and advocates (fuelling more promotion of your business)

Pay annually and save 10%

$972+GST ($81/mth) for 12 months, paid annually
($90/mth +GST, paid monthly)

New customers? New products? New operating model? New team members? New supply chain?

Stay in touch with your customers, their experience, and what matters most to them.

Get Smart helps you to minimise the guess work and maximise the lightbulb moments!

And we make it easy…

  • Instant email alerts triggered by feedback
  • Weekly updates sent straight to your inbox
  • Monthly deep-dive reports on your business and how it compares with the CXI benchmarks

Start now and get 15 months of valuable customer insight for the price of 12 that’s 3 extra months for free!

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What you'll get:

  • Professionally designed customer survey, branded for your business

  • Your choice of questions from the core survey template

  • Online survey link and connecting QR code

  • Instant answer alerts (so you can respond quickly if needed)

  • Weekly summary report

  • Monthly deep-dive report

  • Confidential benchmarking with others in the CXI programme

  • Unlimited survey responses

  • Optional automated prize draw (an incentive for your survey participants)

Also available at extra cost: custom questions, extra tailored reports, mobile data collection tools, online analysis and reporting access, full systems integration via API.


CXI Report Screenshots

Please contact us if you would like to see a full sample report.


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